Safety Features Make the New Toyota Corolla Stand Out

If you are in the market for a new compact car, let the crew here at Lithia Toyota of Klamath Falls help educate you first. Look closely at all the safety features in the new Toyota Corolla before committing to buying anything on our lot.

When your Toyota Corolla is on the highway, set the Adaptive Cruise Control to the desired speed and the system begins scanning the road for a lead car. Once tagged, that car is used to create a buffer that your car automatically maintains by braking or accelerating when needed.

If you experience a risk of a collision in your new Corolla, this is when the Pre-Collision Assist feature is going to take action. The radar technology can identify a collision risk far ahead, so it will assist in braking to slow the vehicle in an effort to get the driver to bring the car to a stop safely.



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