Whether you're driving through downtown on your way home after work or you're burning the midnight oil during a long road trip, it pays to have a vehicle with safety features that can assist you at night. We here at Lithia Toyota of Klamath Falls are very proud to show off the new Toyota Land Cruiser. You can get this popular luxury SUV with Automatic High Beams and Lane Departure Alert.

The Automatic High Beams are activated whenever you're driving 25 MPH or faster. The feature is designed to improve your visibility without having to constantly worry about taking advantage of your high beams. Ambient light sensors are used to activate the SUV's high beams at appropriate times. If another vehicle is approaching, the system will revert back to low beams as a courtesy.

The Lane Departure Alert system can detect when you start to drift out of your lane. Cameras monitor road markings ahead of you. It can then determine where the SUV is in relation to the lanes. Audible and visual alerts in the cabin will let you know when you start to drift out of the lane.



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