The Toyota RAV4 Makes an Impression

In a RAV4, you'll be safe and comfortable while on the road. This SUV is a popular choice among our customers at Klamath Falls Toyota, especially with those who are looking for a two-row vehicle with a lot of cargo room. The advantages of driving a new Toyota RAV4 don't just end at the space that it offers.

The Toyota SUV runs on a powerful 2.5-liter engine. The Dynamic Force inline four-cylinder can output up to 203 horsepower. Whether you're heading into the hills or trying to quickly accelerate as you get on a highway, you'll feel the power as you press on the gas. Plus, shifting gears is always seamless, thanks to a Direct Shift eight-speed automatic transmission.

Serving as the foundation for the RAV4 is a strong platform. The new RAV4s have been designed with a Toyota New Global Architecture platform that's longer and wider than its predecessors. This results in a smooth, confident ride.



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