Have you ever wondered how your rearview mirror dims automatically when you get glare from bright lights? The answer is electrochromic gel. It's one of those neat little oddities that makes modern cars a wonder. The auto techs here at Klamath Falls Toyota wanted to give you some insight into how it all works.

The electrochromic gel sits between two panes of glass inside your rearview mirror. When the sensor detects a high level of glare, it sends a signal to the processor. That processor then triggers an electrical current that travels through the gel. That's when the secret is finally revealed.

This gel is normally transparent. However, it will darken whenever it receives an electrical charge. As it darkens, it makes the rearview mirror automatically dim. When the glare is gone, the current turns off and the gel turns transparent again. Check out the latest rearview mirrors by taking a test drive today.


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