Full-size sedans are the workhorses of individuals and families, boasting roomy cabins and tons of cargo space. Like any full-size sedan, Toyota Avalon has plenty space for passengers and gear. It also has great efficiency, safety features and in-cabin tech features, making it a popular contestant in its category. Here are two tech features that our Klamath Falls Toyota team truly appreciates.

Bespoke Instrument Cluster

There was a time you had to attack your dashboard with screwdrivers in order to update or reconfigure the analog instrument cluster. Toyota Avalon's trend-forward instrument cluster is entirely digital, customizable and easy to interact with thanks to a 7.1 multi-info display screen. Tweak the cluster layout as you please: spotlight navigation, mpg or fuel levels.

Say Goodbye to Wired Charging

In its boldest leap toward futuristic in-cabin tech, Avalon offers a Qi charging station underneath its center stack. You place your compatible device on the appropriate charging surface, and Avalon juices your device wirelessly. Four USB 2.0 ports contribute extra charging options for passengers.
You have to see, feel and play with all of Avalon's features for yourself. Contact our Klamath Falls dealership.


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