Okay, so you want to fuel up your car. Where does that gas come from? Most likely, it was drilled up out of the ground, or obtained through hydraulic fracturing. There are also tar sands, and types of shale that can be used to produce oil, but it's generally all the same stuff. Fossil fuels that dump about 1,075 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the air each year1.

Hydrogen will not produce any CO2 when used to power a car, and the fuel itself can be obtained from nearly anywhere.

Don't believe us? Just as a physicist. They'll tell you that hydrogen is the single most abundant element in the universe. About 75% of all mass in the cosmos is hydrogen. And on earth you can find it in water, in grass, in landfills, and even in cow turds.

This super-classy, and highly sustainable fuel source is exactly why the Toyota Mirai, the first Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle to go on sale in the US, is going to lead the new transportation revolution. Look out, because soon even the most fuel-efficient hybrids and gas cars in our inventory will be obsolete!

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