Preserving the natural biodiversity of our planet is a multi-step process. To most people, the visible part of conservation involves protecting habitats, fighting global warming, and ending poaching. However, in order for all that to happen, a first "invisible" step must occur.

We have to find out which species are in need of saving!

It isn't always that obvious. People notice when large animals like pandas, buffalo, and eagles start disappearing -- conservationists call these "charismatic megafauna." Nobody notices when a native species of insect is pushed out of its habitat by an invasive beetle, or when a tiny non-game fish dies off, yet these biodiversity losses can have wide-reaching repercussions on the ecosystem.

That's why Toyota is teaming up with the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, to fund over 28,000 new species assessments which can guide biologists about where to best focus their resources.

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