Last year, Mark Mobley of Orange County, California put his name on a waiting list to be one of the first to own a Toyota Mirai. Unlike most cars you have to go on a list for, the Toyota Mirai isn't particularly sporty or supercar-esque, but it is unique and futuristic.

The Mirai runs entirely on hydrogen.

"I love it, and I feel like I'm part of the solution," said Mobley, who is dedicated to fighting climate change. The Mirai's fuel cells generate electricity through a reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, making its only tailpipe emission harmless water vapor.

Currently, the Mirai is only available to customers in California. The closest station to Klamath Falls is nearly 300 miles away, which incidentally, is the approximate range of the Mirai on a full tank. So you could fill up in California, and get home just as the fuel gauge strikes E.

Mobley says, "I'm really committed to helping the infrastructure for fueling grow." We hope new green options become available in Oregon soon, too. Until then, browse our new inventory for efficient conventional, and hybrid models!

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